Welcome to  Miros cottage at a new season 2019

what is new in Miros cottage? 

For season 2019, we have installed a BESTWAY roundabout pool, measuring 3.66 m wide and 0.80 m deep. Please pay attention to the following guidelines for using the pool: Using the pool and ensuring the safety of the users is an extraordinary care of the accomodated in Miros cottage. Particular attention and constant monitoring when using the pool requires children up to 12 years of age. Upon payment of the reservation, guests confirm this obligation and waive any claims to the owner or his / her contracted partners and employees in the event of any problems and accidents.

For the pool users, the beach guests or the guests on the lower terrace are provided two shower cabins and two toilets on the ground floor. When using them, it is necessary to wash the external shower in advance.

At the basement of miros cotatge we opened new spa area with two shower cabins and two extra WC with softclosing technology.

We also planning an inflated Lay-Z-Spa whirlpool  and infrasauna for the upcomming season. The use of the sauna and Jacuzzi is not included in the price and will be possible with additional order and payment.

We have improved our beds in a boxspringbed style. You will fill much more comfortable in your bedroom.

We have equiped our kitchen with Dolce Gusto by Krups coffe machine. You will have to by on your way to our cottage your preffered capsule for this machine.

We have builded a indoor new fireplace with panoramic glas. This fireplace make you to fill realy cosy in our cottage.

There is a new outdoor Grill builded on the terrasse of Miros cottage.

We have installed a new TV with flat screen and USB flash and intentet accessibility.

Ther eis also a loud-speaker apr. 50 W with USB flash, SD and radio interface. Also equiped with microphone for caraoke style entertinement.

So there are many new things waiting for you in Miros cottage. Start your reservation at our website and prepare your unforgedable stay in the Elena Balkan area.

 St.Dimitar church in Blaskovci village about 15 min. walk  from the Miros cottage there will be hold a service for a St.Dimitar day every year. You can take a part on the service and donate for a church. Your donation will be registred in a proper way. Ask for Catia major of Blaskovtsi and member of church board of Trustees. There will be a sacrificial rite after the service and you are wellcome at this event also. At same time you can pay your respect to the soldiers taken part and died at the Balcan war 1912. We just celebrated 100 years from the start of the First Balcan war. At the east side of the church St. Dimitar church you can find a memorial. There will be a special programm for the Kids.

About the cottage

Elena Balkan district is situated in the northern parts of Stara Planina in the Pre-Balkan. It is characterized by its mild relief, many pastures and meadows, deciduous forests and many springs and rivers. The average altitude is 500-600 m.

Miro’s Cottage is just to the north of Elena, next to Yovkovtsi dam. It is situated at a peaceful and sunny spot in the romantic and lively village of Tarkasheni – with a breath-taking view to the Central Stara Planina crest, perfect for relaxation and a starting point for cultural tourism. The village lies 3,5 km north of the centre of Elena. There are at least 3 parking spaces in the yard of the cottage. The cottage consists of a ground floor and a basement floor. Guests use the ground floor and can reach it via stone staircase and then through a solid oak door. There is a spacious verandah, a hallway, three guest-rooms, a living-room with a kitchen box, bathroom and a toilet at the ground floor. At 2009 Miro’s Cottage has been entirely reconstructed by the infamous craftsman from Elena – Petko Lazarov, who kept the original elements of the life of our ancestors and used characteristic architectural elements from the building tradition of Elena – for example the “saray sachak” at the roof construction, stone walls, port with a roof, stone flaggings and characteristic wooden details. The original hearth has been kept inside, as well as the wooden coating of the ceiling (karatavan), original doors with antique hardware, heating systems consisting of warm air moving through ducts (dzhamali).


The atmosphere in Miro’s Cottage and Tarkasheni is enhanced by the nature and the local people living around. A tit, starling or a lark will wake you up in the morning, swallows will be arranging their nests all day long, you will hear how the bell of the village church echoes and leaves a footprint through the ages and in your soul. During the night you can watch the Milky Way intoxicated and unbelieving that you can almost touch the sky.

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