Where to shop. It is best to do your shopping in Elena. There is no shop in Tarkasheni; there is a market bus bringing goods only once a week – Thursday or Saturday. You can still buy milk from the neighboring village of Darlevtsi, if you arrange that with Granny Ana or her daughter Katya. Katya and his family also produce and sale eko honey. There is a big supermarket in Elena and many small shops as well. The supermarket is in the centre and is well stocked. You can find fresh and refrigerated pork, veal and chicken there.

Banks and money. The closest ATM is in Elena. There are at least 2 ATM in the centre of the town. For more complex bank and other administrative services you can count on the banks in Elena but you can also go to Veliko Turnovo (approx. 35 km).

Important Public phone numbers
Police department Elena 00359 / 0/6151/61 77
Fire and emergency assistance Elena00359 / 0/6151/61 77
Roadside assistance Elena 00359 / 0/6151/68 01
Local touristic information centre Elena 00359 / 0/6151/74 30
Medical care centre Elena 00359 / 0/6151/20 60
Pharmacy 1 Stoyan Michilovski str.1 Elena 00359/ 0/6151/20 02
Pharmacy Chemist ул. Stoyan Michilovski str.56,Elena 00359/ 0/6151/2286
Dentist Dr.Voinov Stoyan Michilovski str. 40,Elena 00359/ 0/6151/27 25
Dentist Dr. Peev Stoyan Michilovski str. 34,Elena 00359/ 0/6151/31 44
Water and sanitation services Elena00359 / 0/6151/76 97
Bus station Еlena 00359 / 0/6151/61 60
Railway station Gorna Oryahovitsa00359 / 0/618/25050
00359 / 0/618/56050
Chumerna hut 089/7904671, 089/6693176, 089/4243419

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