Granny Ana. She lives in the house with the big verandah and the beehives in the yard. It is one house down Miro’s Cottage. Everybody in Tarkasheni and about knows her. She always tells stories, she can make you laugh and can invite you to her yard over a cup of tea or coffee. You can buy pure honey from her – it is produced by her son Vacho.

Granny Dana. She lives just across the street from Miro’s Cottage. Granny Dana is always there for advice and is very helpful. She breeds turkeys, hens and goats. During the season she sells fresh eggs at a really good price. If you ask her in advance, she can prepare really magnificent mekitsi (fried daugh pastries). All you need is bring the products and reward her for her work. Granny Ana and Granny Dana are one of the reasons for Miro’s Cottage to exist – they inspired me and supported me in the belief that this initiative is reasonable and useful. They also came up with the name of the house, because they call me Miro. So if you need anything, you can always turn to them.

Archimandrite Leonid Rilski. He was born in Tarkasheni. It is not known when he entered Rila monastery as a novice but there is written proof that in 1934 he was already among the novices in the monastery. During the 70 years of his life as a monk, he was known as a punctual and gentle man, a good priest and confessor. He spoke French and thus could communicate with many foreigners. He had a remarkable collection of postcards from all over the world.

Violeta Chushkova. She lives in the town of Elena. She is a translator of English fiction. She started summer and all-year classes of contemporary teaching in English along with different applied classes like riding and mountaineering, for example. She is an intellectual with many acquaintances in town. She has a new famous school called “Vililand” – it is situated in the village of Mihaylovtsi, 12 km from Elena at the foot of Chumerna peak. 2011 | admin