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Walking excursions
Zhidovetskata drinking fountain.
It is situated southeast in the outskirts of Tarkasheni. An old cobbled road leads to the spring. The road used to serve the local people to transport wheat to the mill, situated at Veselina river in Boaza chine. There is a legend that the water of Zhidovetskata drinking fountain is magical – the story is best told by the landlord of the Zhidovetskata house. The house is situated to the right in the lower neighborhood of Tarkasheni.
Height 744. НIt is situated northwest from the Miro’s Cottage. Take the road to Blaskovtsi and just before the village after the abandoned barns you go up the hill to the north. The road you follow used to be a cart road. Just below the peak you will get a beautiful view to Yovkovtsi dam as well as to Chumerna peak (south of Height 744). The walk to the spot and back takes about an hour so we strongly recommend it.

Chukanski hill. Zhidovetska drinking fountain is at the foot of the Shukanski hill. There is a path that leads across the hill south of the verandah of the house. The walk on the crest of the hill takes about an hour.

Yovkovtsi dam. It is an artificial dam built in the 60s of XX century. It supplies drinking water for Veliko Turnovo and other towns around. You can find different kinds of fish in the waters of the dam – carp, pike, barbell - this makes it a favorite fishing spot. It is situated at around 4 km southwest from Tarkasheni. Follow the road to Blaskovtsi and at the crossroads after Blaskovtsi you take the perpendicular road. It is an asphalt road so you can drive easily. It is an interesting tour because it takes you through the village of Velchovtsi where there is a chapel and a pub in the Truhcheva house. If you follow the waterfront of the dam, you will get to the village of Yakovtsi. It is situated on the road Debelets-Elena. There are two eco routes that start from Yakovtsi.

Boaza. Similar to the excursion to the Chukanski hill, after the Zhidovetska drinking fountain you continue down the cart road past the mill till you get to the left shore of Veselina river. There is a railway bridge where you can cross and reach the right shore from where you reach the inn at the Boaza. There is a restaurant and a swimming pool. The pools of Veselina river and its creeks – Zlatarishka, Kostelska and Miykovska river (see the car excursion to Maryanishki Monastery) are ideal for those who like do static or more dynamic fishing. If you are skillful enough you can catch mullet, rapacious carp or pike.

Car excursions
Elena. The town of Elena is situated 4 km south of Tarkasheni. You can reach the town by car via asphalt road or on foot via a path on the Chukanski hill along the Zhidovetska drinking fountain. Elena is a town with rich revival history. Ilarion Makariopolski was born and lived there; his house is in the center of the town, near the river and is open for visitors. The first class school in Bulgaria is in Elena and it is called Daskalolivnitsa. It can be visited with a guide along with other revival buildings above the clock tower – another remarkable creation of the revival spirit. There you can also find St. Nikola church – a very well-preserved medieval church. Next to it you can find Uspenie Bogorodichno church – it is a newer one but equally interesting. The clock tower is also near – it was built by an unknown craftsman in 1812. It is interesting to see the Razsukanovi houses – an assembly of 5 semi-detached houses with a shared roof – all this in the characteristic revival architecture. They are situated down the road along the Uspenie Bogorodichno church, just across the bridge.

Veliko Turnovo. The town is situated 35 km from Miro’s Cottage and there are 2 ways of getting there. The first one is via Elena and then on the way to Lyaskovets. At the crossroads with the main road to Varna, go left to Veliko Turnovo. The other way to reach the town is following the road along Yovkovtsi dam, through the village of Yakovtsi, then turn right to Plakovo and Debelets. Once in Debelets, you should cross the town until you get to the main road from Gurkovo to Veliko Turnovo, also known as Pass of the Republic. Veliko Turnovo used to be the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom during XII-XIV centuries; it was also the capital of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom from 1878. The contemporary Bulgarian constitution was signed in the building of the National assembly (now a museum) in Veliko Turnovo. The historical museum next to the National Assembly is also worth visiting. The greatest attraction is the Medeaval fortress and castle on the Tsarevets Hill. There are audio-visual shows in Tsarevgrad Tarnov, called Sound and Light. The church St. 40 Martyrs is equally famous – it was built in the 12th century by Ivan Asen (the king then) and then consecrated on the 9th of March on the day of the 40 Sevastian martyrs to celebrate the victory over the Epirian despot Teodor Komnin. Solemn liturgy and church services were given over the Constituent assembly (10th of February 1879), the election of Alexander Batenberg prince of Bulgaria (27th of July 1879) and the election of Ferdinand prince of Bulgara (2nd of August 1897). 2011 | admin